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Update Log #4 - 13/01/2019

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Craig    7

In-Game Content

Added 1B XP Capes

Added Hard and Hardcore gamemode

New armour balancing system added and implemented

Greatly improved item swapping in the bank

Slayer system added (all in one interface now) with blockable tasks

Added new player joining interface

Fixes & Changes

Made default CC chat colour black

Dialogues can now be skipped using the space bar

Vorkath is now fixed (had to edit the map)

Nerfed Vorkaths HP

Added pure/pvp shop to home shops

Fixed auto retaliate

Fixed inferno invisible cape issue

Fixed vote achievement

Improved yell system, 1/3 chance of getting a yell ticket when you vote.

Fixed sled

Removed T2 bosses from normal menu

Fixed inferno losing items on death

Fixed bank tabs

Zaryte bow now requires 80 range to equip

Fixed demonic ruins teleport

All players can now unnote on bank booths

Added announcement for pot shop

Disabled the need of membership cape, removed from shop

Primordial boots now require correct levels to wear

Revenants no longer have duplicate drops

Players now get an XP lamp when becoming member

Players now receive a bonus mystery box when donating

Clay weapons bonus xp added

Improved pathfinding system, added safespot fixes

Added command ::togglecombatdebug (if you experience any issues in the wilderness in regards to attacking, please enable this and tell us so we can fix it)





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