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Understanding PVM Armors

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Reece    0


                                                                           Oblivion PvM Armor




                                                                              Lower Tier PvM Armor


                                                These lower tier PvM armors have a set bonus, as well as the item stats.

                                                 In order to get these, you need to be wearing the legs, chest and helmet. 

                                                 Unlike higher tier Armor, where you also have to be holding the weapon.


                                                    Obtained By: Mystery Boxes, Drops And also the Oblivion Webstore


                                                                Sirenic                  Dragonslayer      Oblivion Forged Robes




                                                                           Higher Tier PvM Armor


                                       Now, these are the higher tier PvM Armor, once again they have a set bonus

                                        as well as the item stats, however. As mentioned above you must be wearing

                                                           the set's weapon, legs, chest and the helmet.


                                                              Obtained By: Mystery Boxes and Drops


                                                                        Twisted               Lunar           Elemental



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Caviel    0

My only question is, how is the max hit determined with these armors? I have full Dragonslayer and use Abby Vine Whip with DFS, Beserker ring imbued, Steadfast boots, Bandos gloves, Fury ammy and Fire cape and I currently max out at 118. I'm curious as to whether the armor somehow triples your max hit aside from the set bonus, or adds a certain amount of damage to your max hit? (say if you hit 40s outside of the set and the set adds 75 to your max then your new max hit is 115 with the set) not sure how this is determined if anyone knows I would sure appreciate if this was explained. 

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