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Oblivion Membership Guide

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Zee    0

G'day everyone and thanks for choosing Oblivion.

With the release of Oblivion, we've introduced some 
new features into the server, and one of those things
includes the membership feature.

Where can I obtain this feature?

30 days of Membership can be obtained via Lady Table
in the donator area south of the Edgeville bank. Simply
buying the token from the store for 10k Oblivion coins
and interacting with the token grants you 30 days of 

What does membership include?

By purchasing and activating your 30 days of 
membership, you are rewarded with additional perks 
in which last until your 30 days are expired. The perks
are as follows: 

- Access to member shop 
- Access to all skillcape perks, click HERE to view perks
- Start Dung with additional items
- Additional 5% increased drop rate
- 10% discount from donator store
- No longer drop items outside of the wilderness
- Host Gambling events
- Use Gambling NPC's
- x2 prayer xp 
- Free entry to mini boss dungeon (in development)
- Various agility required locations bypassed
- Bypass kill count for Godwars
- Double Barrows rewards
- Increased chance of skilling pets
- Access to healer NPC at home bank.
- Ability to summon clan chat members to your locations
- Access to the 'Cook' NPC at dzone, cooking food instantly with no level requirement.

Any further question regarding this feature, don't hesitate to message any 


~ Zee.

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