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The First Legendary Box Extremely Rare Item!

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Mango    8

The one any Only, Legendary bucket of Oblivion. This here bucket holds infinite amount of anything you put into it,(seeds food wood water sand) and is only obtainable through the legendary box. Congrats on quite the epic find Vintage. Would be ashamed if u droped a coin into it 😉


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Caviel    0
Posted (edited)

What all can you get from legendary boxes? I've only ever opened mystery boxes and I think so far the best item I've ever got from a mystery box is a rune gold trim full helmet. Has anyone gotten a Saradomin plate or god rune items? I'm starting to doubt that the God version of the Rune armors are even in the game I have yet to see anybody with full Saradomin, Guthix, or Zamorak rune armors. I saw Zack with third age and I have a gold trim rune kite Shield but I haven't seen gold trim black nor gold trim adamant and I have not seen the regular blue trimmed Rune either. Best of luck.  Anymore the only thing I use my vote points on is mystery boxes since I already have several sets of all the other vote point items

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