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  1. Vintage

    After A Long Grind...

    After grinding for the past week, I have finally achieved the Max Cape and status! Incredibly thrilled with this achievement. https://prnt.sc/lp4nrb https://prnt.sc/lp4hwd Next goal, the Completionist Cape!
  2. Updates & Changes 29/11/2018 The long awaited patch notes are finally here! We hope that you enjoy these updates and apologise for the delays in posting these. A lot more content is under way and we thank you for your patience. In-Game Content The Bank Booths at the Donator Zone are now fully functional. Wildywyrm Multi-Attacking is now functional for locations such as Green Dragons, good luck with your loot! The Wildywyrm now has all the attack styles it requires to increase difficulty. Slayer Task NPC's have been fixed; setting the master to the right level requirements. The drop rate for Defenders at the Warriors Guild has been altered to make it more challenging. Barlak the Goblin has been added to exchange your Curved Bones. Price adjustments have been made in the Members Store to increase the cost of untradeable items (Fire Cape, Fighters Torso, Defenders). Kraken has received a boost to increase difficulty. Issues with the Shopkeepers and whitelist system have now been resolved. The black screen server crash has been fixed. Magic Autocasting is now fully functional. Bolts for the Armadyl Crossbow are now fully functional. Zulrah has been fixed, making the boss fightable. Money making via skilling has become more balanced to match the economy. The Evil Tree has been adjusted for more useful resources. The daily task system has received an update, remember to complete your tasks! The Lunar Warrior has been nerfed to make combat more fair. Bosses now appear as alphabetical in the teleports menu for ease of access. Oblivion Tomes have been added in-game for 30% extra experience every 10 minutes of use. Fixes have been made to models for the Ahrims Hood, Castle Wars Hoods and the Helm of Neitiznot. We hope that you enjoy the content and are excited for the next batch of updates to come out. Keep those suggestions coming in!
  3. Vintage


    Web Based Issues: Below is a few of the issues currently presented on the web side of the server. Oblivion Support Tab - The link for the Oblivion Support Page found here currently leads to a 404'd page. This is something that will need resolving. Administrator/Developer On Highscores: Currently, developers have the chance to have their characters displayed on the Highscores which pushes the place of those working towards the #1 spot further out of reach and altering who is currently leading the game. Ranks Not Displayed On Highscores: The current list of ranks that are not being shown next to usernames on the Highscores is as follows: Server Support. Administrator. Ironman. Ultimate Ironman. Forum Moderator (Potentially, once one is promoted). Any form of donator. Untracked Skills On Highscores: The current list of skills that are not being tracked on the Highscores is as follows: Hunter. Dungeoneering. Summoning. Construction (Once Added In-Game). Oblivion Icon Leading To Unknown Page: The current icon at the top of the page displaying the Oblivion logo currently leads to an unknown page. This would be beneficial to resend personnel to the Home page of the website or the Forums.
  4. Vintage

    The Jad Grind Is Over For Now!

    Thank you @Delicious! Definitely won't be doing this again anytime soon 😂
  5. Vintage

    Well.. What do you think ?

    What I Think: I think so far the server is doing quite well for itself seeming how we've not even gone public yet. I've tested most of the skilling features so far and there is room for some tweaks to increase the difficulty and longevity of playing for those dedicated few. Expectations: Regarding expectations, it has not met the expectations I initially had. Whilst improvements are coming along well, it is still quite a fair distance from what I was hoping for from the server. With a lot of care and time put into the server, it may finally hit my expectations. Nonetheless, the community is here and the content is playable so that's fine in my eyes for the time being. What I'd Like To See: I'd personally like to see the server include a lot more content. Create a server that truly opens opportunities for those who want longevity playing with countless hours of content to choose from. A place where there is countless methods to completing a task (different styles of Agility for example) that keeps the players interested and playing. Personal Dislikes: These are very limited to me but more a biased opinion of my own. The limitation of modes to include more challenging features (harder experience rates) and custom items are personal dislikes of mine. Community Improvements: This one can't really be answered. The community wherever you go acts on its own accord. Luckily for us, we currently have an incredibly helpful and friendly bunch in our community. How We're Different: It's hard to say how we're different as most servers are generally the same. We're lucky in the sense that we don't have owners who are just interested in making a quick buck, are considerate and actually care about creating the server. While other servers do have an array of exciting content, its the people that make the server what it is.
  6. Vintage

    Delicious Intro

    Welcome Sabrina! We hope you'll stick around with us for a while
  7. Vintage

    Dungeoneering Store

    In Game Name: Vintage. What Are You Suggesting: I am suggesting two separate requests here listed below: Item Additions: Currently from the Dungeoneering store, there is a variety of items that are missing that would be beneficial to players in-game. The items I am referring to would be the Eagle Eye Kiteshield (Ranged) and the Farseer Kiteshield (Mage). These would give an alternative to Unholy Books, Mage Books etc. To include some more content for players making the push towards 120 Dungeoneering, removing the use of Augury and Rigour and making them purchasable would give some element of achievement. Price Adjustments: With the current prices, a few things seem rather unreasonable. What I am referring to here is the Bonecrusher, Charming Imp, Arcane Stream Necklace and any Shields. Below is my personal recommendation for these prices. Bonecrusher - 35,000. Charing Imp - 35,000. Arcane Stream Necklace - 35,000. Chaotic Kiteshield - 150,000. Eagle Eye Kiteshield - 150,000. Farseer Kiteshield - 150,000. Rigour - 75,000. Augury - 75,000. Who/What Does This Benefit: This benefits the community. It gives an opportunity to unlock more content in-game that can be considered mid to high tier items. It means that any personnel going for a Completionist Cape have the opportunity to choose from more content in-game. Any Additional Information: None at this moment in time.
  8. Vintage


    Infuse Steel Titan Pouch: Currently, the requirements to create a Steel Titan are set to 1 Blue Charm and 1 Steel Platebody. The Charm is actually supposed to be a Crimson Charm. Proof of Flaw: https://prnt.sc/lmmmyx
  9. Was it worth it? https://prnt.sc/lm9vjt Absolutely.
  10. Vintage


    Wildywyrm - The spawn point for the WildyWyrm located North of East Green Dragons is a single combat region (The loot that it drops also is not shared amongst multiple people). Proof of Flaw - https://prnt.sc/lm9m98
  11. Vintage

    Oblivion Membership Guide

    A very informative guide on the perks of membership, thank you for this @Zee!
  12. Vintage

    Store Alterations

    Update is completed and live in-game, locking this thread to avoid spam.
  13. Vintage

    Donation Mystery Boxes

    Update completed and live in-game, closing this thread to avoid any spam. Thank you for the implementation!
  14. Vintage

    Derek's Re-Introduction.

    Welcome back to the server @Derek! I look forward to seeing you in-game.
  15. https://prnt.sc/llu0us So lucky!