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  1. Dairymilk

    Staff Updates - 18/02/19

    ❤️ Looking forward to the future here with everyone! 😄
  2. Dairymilk

    Hey, I'm Ensky!

    Welcome @Ensky! Hope you enjoy it here as much as I do! US Army too? Glad you're serving your country 😛
  3. Dairymilk

    Oblivion 2019

    We hope you and @Reece had a good christmas & New year too! I look forward to being a part of Oblivion even further! 🙂
  4. Dairymilk

    Official Unofficial Price guide!

    Very good guide! Still got big pictures on the first ones but I'm sure we'll be able to sort that out 🙂
  5. Dairymilk

    Clue Scroll Guide

    Dig under the flowerbed in Falador:
  6. Dairymilk

    Clue Scroll Guide

    Dig behing this mysterious statue beside Arthur's Castle(Stand in the same spot as me):
  7. Dairymilk

    Clue Scroll Guide

    Teleport to Yanille & go to Watchtower and dig in the exact same place as me 🙂
  8. Dairymilk

    I have a suggestion for new torso's

    That's actually a good idea so it isn't just limited to mainly attack/strength 🙂 Think the models would have to be hand-made by our devs though
  9. Dairymilk

    Bump the server listing on RuneLocus!

    Here is the Rune-Server link too: https://www.rune-server.ee/runescape-development/rs2-server/advertise/681217-oblivion-daily-tasks-castle-wars-custom-bosses-pvm-armour-eco-pvp.html I'll be bumping regulaurly
  10. Dairymilk


    Duel Arena kicking player when starting a duel(Found by Dan & ibrianrs): - When using Saradomin Sword Special attack at Duel Arena
  11. Dairymilk


    This is more an addition than a bug if I'm honest Make pets not show at Edge/Home: My reasoning behind this is there is one less NPC in spawn which will maybe reduce lag at home. Also, if at the same level as say a level 110 Blue Dragon Pet you'll be able to click it instead of thieve.. Also, the dragon no-clips the wall sometimes at thieving area. Couldn't get a picture of it because it would do the no-clip again
  12. Dairymilk


    You were like me in a way, An old friend of mine told me about Runescape Private servers too and I got hooked lol, It's good when you find server that are like this too, so we can be a part of a growing community and watch how much better it gets 🙂 I never played Runite though. Hello to Ukraine/US from UK 😄 I mainly help others too because I know what it's like to be there feeling helpless at the beginning. I look forward to speaking to you in-game and here on the forums 🙂
  13. Dairymilk

    2018 Christmas event is LIVE! 12/20/18

    I've done it once! 😄 I liked it to be honest! Good work all of the staff team!
  14. Dairymilk

    After A Long Grind...

    Yay! At least one person has it! I'm currently at 7 99's nearly 8
  15. Dairymilk

    Clue Scroll Guide

    Dig between these coffins near Vet'ion: http://prntscr.com/lvs0rj