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    Our name and our listing

    Thanks, Caviel. We haven't updated any of our listings yet, which we shall get to soon!
  2. Zee


    Thanks for the input, Caviel. This has already been in discussion between players and staff, and we do plan on making some changes. /thread moved to suggestions
  3. Hi everyone. For the record, I've made a few changes to the staff team accordingly. The new staff team is as follows: @Dairymilk - Server Moderator @Spec N Death - Server Support Hightimes - Server Support In the future we'll most definitely be expanding the Staff Team when required. (Our Staff team is hand picked, there are no applications). Regards, ~ Zee
  4. Hi all, and sorry for the silent various weeks on the server. As some of you may know, the server's been seriously dead and inactive for a while and no updates have been made to the server. But rest assured, along with that silence on the server, there's been some behind the scenes discussions between Reece & I. Reece will be claiming the role as our server's main developer, and I will be joining in ownership of Oblivion. I'll be running the community and deciding on future updates along with Reece making changes to the server. However. To answer some small remarks or question seen in the now very quiet community in regards to our small mishap with the server... No. The server isn't forgotten about, and we do plan on bringing out newer content for the community. (We even have some really unique ideas you folk might like!) But with that said, there's a few important changes to both the staff team, and the website side of things that I personally have decided would be best to start on first while Reece works on further developing the server... Now, obviously our players & even staff team haven't been very active on the server. This means in regards to our staff team, I want to start on a clean slate, so if you're already apart of our team don't take this to heart as it isn't personal, I just want to learn who's willingly going to help build up our community again, so I will be removing everyone's staff ranks, and we will hand pick whom we think best fits our team in regards to activity and knowledge of Oblivion in general. On that note, there will be no staff application forms, or any way of applying for staff on the server. We'll pick out who we think best fits each role. If you were already staff on the server and put a lot of time and effort into the server in your role, well... Consider yourself a highly possible candidate for the role, and expect us to look out for you. As for the website side of things; The forums will be as they are but with a few minor touches to the appearance and layout of everything. You will notice a few changes over the next few days. All of our updates will be regularly posted to the forums so please, refer here for further changes to the server. Obviously we'll need some time to plan, revive and work on the server's further development, so please bare with us! With everything said, thanks for your time, and I really do sincerely apologise for the inactivity on the server... Hopefully we can bring this back for you guys & gals. (ANY AND ALL SUGGESTIONS WILL BE ACCOUNTED FOR, PLEASE POST THEM IN OUR DISCORD AND/OR FORUMS) Love, ~ The Oblivion Team
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    DairyMilk Intro

    Welcome to Oblivion, mate.
  6. Updates & Changes 12/12/2018 As we are pushing another update today, on behalf of Oblivion, I'd like to thank everyone who's supported the server by either Voting, Donating, and reporting bugs/making suggestions to better the server's performance. I hope you guys/gals enjoy the new update. In-Game Content Spicy worm is now 1/40 drop rate & drops 3 Added Lunar Maul to Lunar Warrior drops Added Zookeeper to home Fixed Crystal Chest clue Removed weird Wildywyrm drops/added Mystery Boxes to super rare with tbow Fixed Gamemode URL link Stardust is now 25k/ea in Gen Store Added ::market announcement Fixed Toxic BP inventory model Added Oblivion Tomes to Mystery Boxes Added lower tier PvM to Mystery Boxes Nex minion no longer aggro Added Dragonstones to all boss drops Tormented King now multi Daily task fixed Sara brew/Restore ratio fixed Total drop rate added to account info in player panel Membership days left added to player panel Quests added to player panel w/clickable interfaces Rolling a 0 or 100 when gambling coins 10m or more rewards a Mystery box Rolling a 0 or a 100 when gambling Oblivion coins 1k or more rewards an Oblivion Mystery Box Removed Charming Imp toggle on Member Cape Gambling location corrected Zulrah drop rates lowered TzHaar-Mej-Jal added (Fire cape exchange) Announce all donations Holy Elixir added to Corp drop table Ring of Wealth added to Olm drop PvM drops added to announcer ::member and ::pvm added to open up information pages PvM armour balances Added Viewing Shop at home City Defence Boss added Again, thanks for the ongoing support to the server, and we hope you enjoy the updates we are pushing as fast as possible. If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them in the correct area of the forums accordingly.
  7. Zee

    Delicious Suggetions

    I like the skilling pts idea ;)
  8. Zee


    Thanks everyone for the bug reports so far, and thanks everyone else in advance. Keep it up. :)
  9. Zee

    Derek's Re-Introduction.

    Good to see you back.
  10. G'day everyone and thanks for choosing Oblivion. With the release of Oblivion, we've introduced some new features into the server, and one of those things includes the membership feature. Where can I obtain this feature? 30 days of Membership can be obtained via Lady Table in the donator area south of the Edgeville bank. Simply buying the token from the store for 10k Oblivion coins and interacting with the token grants you 30 days of membership. What does membership include? By purchasing and activating your 30 days of membership, you are rewarded with additional perks in which last until your 30 days are expired. The perks are as follows: - Access to member shop - Access to all skillcape perks, click HERE to view perks - Start Dung with additional items - Additional 5% increased drop rate - 10% discount from donator store - No longer drop items outside of the wilderness - Host Gambling events - Use Gambling NPC's - x2 prayer xp - Free entry to mini boss dungeon (in development) - Various agility required locations bypassed - Bypass kill count for Godwars - Double Barrows rewards - Increased chance of skilling pets - Access to healer NPC at home bank. - Ability to summon clan chat members to your locations - Access to the 'Cook' NPC at dzone, cooking food instantly with no level requirement. Any further question regarding this feature, don't hesitate to message any staff. Cheers, ~ Zee.