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  1. Delicious

    Delicious Intro

    Hello everyone i joined the server last night and im really enjoying it so far! The comunnity is very friendly and helpfull. My real name is Sabrina. im from Belgium and 22 years old. I'm working as gfx artist for like 2-3years now. Just a little bit information about me aha if you got anymore questions feell free to pm me ingame/forums/discord.
  2. Delicious

    The First Legendary Box Extremely Rare Item!

    Damn bank made 😅
  3. Delicious

    The Jad Grind Is Over For Now!

  4. Delicious

    Delicious Suggetions

    Hi guys, i will add any suggetions here and update it everytime i found a new one. Misc: Add timer on antifire & antipoison pots. Slayer 1) Add a way in slayers rewards to unlock slayer helm (i) for couple of pts or just add the slayer helm (i) in the slayer pts shop. 2) Option to block tasks/ extend tasks. 3) Add Slayer Superiors monsters: they have different chances to spawn dependent on the task (Easy, Medium, Hard, Boss) Skilling 1) add a skilling pts system with skilling outfits in the shop: prospector set, angler, pyromaster, lumberjack etc.