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  1. k1ngr0w15t3r

    Official Unofficial Price guide!

    nice job trippy 😁
  2. k1ngr0w15t3r

    Clue Scroll Guide

    thanks dairy
  3. k1ngr0w15t3r

    Clue Scroll Guide

    dig in the bottom floor of this tower ???? does any1 know where this clue is
  4. k1ngr0w15t3r

    Trippy's Suggestions and feed back!

    I second the GE part I love buying and selling that's what I play for the trading but atm nobody is using the player owned shops probably because a lot of people don't know its there id like to see it at side of bank at home like It was in runitescape
  5. k1ngr0w15t3r


    also I cant use steel titan when fighting most bosses
  6. k1ngr0w15t3r


    in my opinion something needs!!! to be done with the bosses and drops the current hardest npc to kill is the twisted bird I was using arma helm arma cbow onyx bolts e fury range cape black d hide body dfire shield pernix chaps glaiven boots archers ring and barrows gloves and using overload and in roughly 10mins of fighting It I used full inventory or sara brews and didn't even come close to killing it ??? how are me supposed to get twisted gear if I cant kill It 1ce with decent gear on and its 1/1100 chance of getting twisted
  7. k1ngr0w15t3r

    Delicious Suggetions

    improving the drops database would be good or make a list in order of combat lvl of every npc you can just click the one you want to view the drops and make it possible to search for a certain item and have the database list what drops that certain item
  8. k1ngr0w15t3r

    The First Legendary Box Extremely Rare Item!

    WOW lucky guy wish I had one of those 😄