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  1. I noticed we don't have a bug thread (or an easy way to get there if we do) and was suggesting putting it in a spot on the main Community/Forums page so we can post bugs easily.
  2. Hey Everyone! The First ever, Oblivion Christmas event has just been released! Hurry and Complete the event for exclusive 2018 Christmas Event rewards and have a blast! Have a wonderful Holiday from Everyone here at OblivionRSPS!
  3. Derek


    Henlo friend, I remember teaching you about the server back in Your Young days at Runite! You are always a very helpful and dedicated person to say the Least. You have become a player worth looking up to and have far exceeded My expectations of how great of a person, and a Dedicated player You have become. I hope everyone who meets You gets to experience what an awesome person you are!
  4. Derek

    The First Legendary Box Extremely Rare Item!

    Damn, All i got was this useless Fuckin Hat... Trade?
  5. Derek

    Offical Skillcape Perk Guide

    Do these work passively, also the "Membership" cape examine says it activates all the perks of skills we've mastered, does it do all of them? as well as the max cape?
  6. Not to be confused with what you already get, but this is more on a topic thread about what could be done for the zones/perks in-game such as; What should be in the zones, what ranks zones should be at and what should they contain in them? So far we have the basic Bronze-Gold zone at home that has a fair amount for those respective tiers. The big problem is that the gold zone for the most part has alot of unused space that could be used up or at least sized down to accomodate the things within, Like having a specific gold+ zone with GwD bosses that require a significantly less amount of kills or whatnot in them, this is a brainstorm thread so we can give the donars/creators an idea of what we would like to see. I'm only creating this topic because most people want a more tangible reward for donating amounts greater than 50-100$ as some are well above those and have nothing beneficial for helping the server as much as they have. Not complaining but we should get things rolling so we can fix and accommodate for every person here.
  7. Hey all, just as the title suggests, I wanted to start up a donator rank thread based on what should or shouldn't be in the donation ranks, I have a full list of perks/ rank tiers from runitescape and was wondering if the ranks and bonuses would be modified from those, or an entirely new bonus system? if so i could post the last up to date donator perks/ranks from runitescape so that we could get the ball rolling on that.
  8. Derek

    Classic Cape

    +1 for this, just as a bit of nostalgia and to show people that we're not another group of strangers to each other, only problem is it would cause an uproar for those who feel they deserve something for being here at the beginning of the newer server as well lol
  9. Derek

    Donation Refunds

    So a little input and question about the donations, I understand we have a poll for people converting from the older source/server, is there a way to check how much we donated or do we need a screenshot? if so i'd like to contact an owner or admin with the specific permissions to help me with the issue of not being able to log into my old account. Thanks and have a wonderful day!
  10. Derek


    When Clicking the "Oblivion" Title (At the top of the page in purple) It gives an error that the site cannot be reached, Not sure if it's just for me but it happens only when Clicking there for me.
  11. Derek

    Derek's Re-Introduction.

    Hey all! My name is Derek, As some or most of You may know/remember Me, You'll also remember that if you wanna know me, just ask! Also just a reminder that You're all awesome people!