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    Well.. What do you think ?

    Yo. It seems good so far, not really ventured out into everything yet but still going through things bit by bit, all is well so far. few bits need tweaking but Reece and Craig are on that. expectations, not as brilliant as I thought it'd be but tbh it's really good and is improving rapidly so I cant say a bad word. what i'd like to see happen in the next 3-6 months is this server grow a bigger player base so we can have a stable 20-25 players on at once then maybe in time have even more. personal dislikes. nothing but i'll let you know if there is one. my eyes the server community could improve if we all help out with things that need to be done, help find bugs and faults not moan about them and keep active and supportive to new players. compare to other servers. you couldn't compare this server because how much the staff have put into what our personal intrests/likes our ingame so its ivolving round what we want.. Luke
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    Clue Scroll Guide

    "dig in a corner of yak's pen."