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  1. Reece

    Understanding PVM Armors

    Oblivion PvM Armor Lower Tier PvM Armor These lower tier PvM armors have a set bonus, as well as the item stats. In order to get these, you need to be wearing the legs, chest and helmet. Unlike higher tier Armor, where you also have to be holding the weapon. Obtained By: Mystery Boxes, Drops And also the Oblivion Webstore Sirenic Dragonslayer Oblivion Forged Robes Higher Tier PvM Armor Now, these are the higher tier PvM Armor, once again they have a set bonus as well as the item stats, however. As mentioned above you must be wearing the set's weapon, legs, chest and the helmet. Obtained By: Mystery Boxes and Drops Twisted Lunar Elemental
  2. Reece

    Derek's Re-Introduction.

    Welcome back, hope to see you around in-game. Oblivion is the home of new beginnings.
  3. Reece

    Vintage's Introduction

    An Official be-lated welcome from myself, and congratulations on becoming a moderator.
  4. Reece

    The Fight Caves

    This will be looked into and be implemented at a later time. Thank you for the suggestion.
  5. Reece


    I will look into this, thank you!
  6. Reece

    Donation Mystery Boxes

    We thought about this and have implemented this into Oblivion, with the help of yourself. Thank you for the suggestion!
  7. Reece

    Store Alterations

    Many of these suggestions have been implemented, thank you for the suggestion Vintage.
  8. Reece

    Donation Refunds

    We have set up a Donation Ranks & Coin Requests section to recover donations over to Oblivion. 100% Of donation amount will be added to the account, though we have decided upon giving 50% of the points/coins to keep the economy intact for a launch of a new server.
  9. Offical Skillcape Perk Guide Defence Acts as a Ring of Life - will attempt to teleport you away when your HP is below 10% of your maximum HP. Constitution Applies Rapid Heal's prayer effect. Ranged Acts as an Ava's backpack - has a 82% chance of not consuming ammunition each attack. Prayer Acts as a Bonecrusher - instantly burying any bones from a monster drop. Magic A 10% chance of saving you all runes while casting a spell. Woodcutting An additional 6% chance to keep a tree alive when it should've died. Fletching A 10% chance to instantly fletch your bow into a strung bow. Fishing Catch fish without proper tool. Firemaking A 10% chance to salvage a log. Crafting A 10% chance of instantly turning a gemstone you are cutting into an amulet. Smithing A 1/3 chance to save you some coal while smithing bars. Mining Will automatically bank any gems found while mining. A 1/3 chance of giving double coal while mining coal. Herblore A 10% chance to salvage an herb while mixing unfinished potions. Agility Infinite run energy. Thieving Instantly converts your loot into 50% of it's selling price. Slayer Do not lose your slayer streak when skipping tasks. Farming Will automatically note any harvests. Runecrafting A 25% chance of recycling each rune ess, and crafting it again. Hunter Double loot from all catches. Summoning 10% chance to save a charm while creating pouches. Dungeoneering Acts as a Charming Imp - either retrives or converts charm drops into experience. If you have any suggestions to add to these or other skills, feel free to share!
  10. Official Game Mode Information (Iron Man/Ultimate Iron Man) This will be an informational post on the different game modes available in Oblivion. I will go over the Regular mode briefly, and then the Iron Man and Ultimate Iron Man modes in more depth. Regular The regular, or default mode was the way Oblivion was initially meant to be played. In regular mode, you're playing in a MMORPG environment. You have the ability to trade other players, use shops, duel, and generally use all elements intended for players. If you're unsure of the Iron Man, or Ultimate Iron Man modes, we'd recommend starting here. Iron Man Iron Man includes access to the majority of the core content in Oblivion, with a big twist. You're playing the game single-player, for the most part. You cannot trade with other players, or access the majority of shops. You cannot stake other players, either. This twist will force players to fully experience everything Oblivion has to offer in order to thrive. And, if you ever get tired of the Iron Man, you may convert into the Normal mode. Ultimate Iron Man Ultimate Iron Man mode is very similar to Iron Man mode, with another big twist. Along with all of the challenges of Iron Man, you cannot bank. Your only possessions will be the ones you can take with you, being your Backpack and Gear. Your character files will NOT be deleted if you die, however you will lose your items. This mode is the most difficult, and should you wish to change, you can turn into a regular Iron Man, or Normal character.