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  1. In-Game Content Added 1B XP Capes Added Hard and Hardcore gamemode New armour balancing system added and implemented Greatly improved item swapping in the bank Slayer system added (all in one interface now) with blockable tasks Added new player joining interface Fixes & Changes Made default CC chat colour black Dialogues can now be skipped using the space bar Vorkath is now fixed (had to edit the map) Nerfed Vorkaths HP Added pure/pvp shop to home shops Fixed auto retaliate Fixed inferno invisible cape issue Fixed vote achievement Improved yell system, 1/3 chance of getting a yell ticket when you vote. Fixed sled Removed T2 bosses from normal menu Fixed inferno losing items on death Fixed bank tabs Zaryte bow now requires 80 range to equip Fixed demonic ruins teleport All players can now unnote on bank booths Added announcement for pot shop Disabled the need of membership cape, removed from shop Primordial boots now require correct levels to wear Revenants no longer have duplicate drops Players now get an XP lamp when becoming member Players now receive a bonus mystery box when donating Clay weapons bonus xp added Improved pathfinding system, added safespot fixes Added command ::togglecombatdebug (if you experience any issues in the wilderness in regards to attacking, please enable this and tell us so we can fix it)
  2. Craig

    Hey, I'm Ensky!

    Welcome to Oblivion bud :)
  3. Craig

    Official Unofficial Price guide!

    Great guide awesome job trippy 🙂 just fixed those images for you
  4. Craig

    Oblivion 2019

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas and new year. We look forward to bringing you lots more content and updates throughout 2019. Please try and stay active on the forums and continue to support us! Thanks everyone! 🙂
  5. Craig

    Clue Scroll Guide

    Really well done for this guys, top job! 🙂
  6. Craig

    Bump the server listing on RuneLocus!

    Agree. If everyone can bump these we will get a lot more players joining! 🙂
  7. Craig

    Suggestion: Bug thread.

    I have made a new category for bug reports 🙂 Cheers Derek!
  8. I want to say thank you to everyone who has continued to support Oblivion. We have a lot of ideas and content we are working on right now to make the game more enjoyable and keep you all busy. An extra thank you to all of our donators who make running the server possible, this enabled us to upgrade from a VPS to a dedicated server this month which should mitigate our DDoS issues. In-Game Content Added more items to donator shop, reduced price of Oblivion mystery box. 3 new bosses added for T1 PVM armour, Slayer, Cryptor and Sirenic bird. A new section on the teleport menu has been added "Custom bosses" and the T2 bosses have been combined with the T1 in a new dungeon. - These bosses are still in the process of being balanced so please bare with us! ::bank command upgrade added (purchasable via misc shop at home for oblivion coins) Looting bag added (ironmen gamemodes will now spawn with this, and it is in the donator shop for normal players to use) Added inferno minigame, this will still need perfecting but it's fully working right now for you to play Placeholders for banking are now added Added heal and multi heal spell in lunar spellbook Fixes & Changes Fixed toxic staff of the dead melee combat anim Fixed dwarf cannon not giving XP x10 stats removed Nerfed zulrah snakelings to make zulrah generally a bit easier to fight Nerfed Olm Lowered drop rate of non pvm items on all bosses, increased GP drop rate and amount, added some junk to bosses to sell and earn more gp bossing. Barbarian king has been disabled until further notice whilst we fix and perfect him, he will be re-released with a new drop table when fixed.
  9. Craig

    DairyMilk Intro

    Welcome Paul good to see you signed up to the forums aswell 🙂 See you ingame bud
  10. Craig

    After A Long Grind...

    Awesome, well done man 🙂
  11. Craig

    Delicious Suggetions

    Great ideas mate. In regards to at least the lumberjack, in case anyone didn't know you have a random chance to receive a lumberjack piece when woodcutting! 🙂
  12. Craig

    Vintage's Introduction

    Welcome mate, thanks for all the help during beta stage 🙂
  13. Craig

    Derek's Re-Introduction.

    Welcome back, good to see you mate
  14. Craig

    The day has come

    Hello all, I'm glad to announce we have finally launched from the BETA stage! Enjoy the server and we look forward to bringing to many more updates in the near future. Some features you can expect to see ingame right now Castle Wars (We are working on enhancing the experience, but the base minigame is here and ready to play!) Market (Use ::market to get there, its at the grand exchange. Use the booths or right click someone to view their shop) Daily Tasks (Speak to the NPC in front of the well at home - we will be improving this system) Oblivion Crystal (Mine the oblivion crystal to collect shards, hand these shards in to convert them to Oblivion Coins!) PVM Armours (You will see the PVM armours still here, we will be monitoring and improving the overall fairness of these items) Thanks everyone for your patience and support, we will keep you posted with new updates and features. Please keep giving us feedback and let us know about any bugs you encounter!