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    • Ok here is what I think. I've noticed that the bosses drop a lot of gear that normally you would have to grind for. Such as full barrows, statius, vesta, dragonfire shield, etc. Now at first I thought it was pretty damn cool to be able to get these drops on a regular basis but after stepping back and looking there is no point to a lot of these items if you can just stock up on them easily.   I'm not really a hundred percent sure on how we can improve other aspects of the game but I remember when they added God Wars dungeon to RuneScape it was a big fundamental part of the game. Bandos, Torva, all the usual high tier armors and weapons are neglected because everyone's focus has been on acquiring the pvm sets, mainly lunar and dragonslayer.  So if we take a step back and look at how we can put god wars dungeon to use, as well as maybe barrows, I have an idea.  people may not like it but it was actually an idea I believe I heard from hightimes. What if we took the tier 2 bosses,   placed them inside of God Wars dungeon and made it to where you have to have one of those keys to access them. Sounds simple right? Here is where it gets interesting.  I suggest one interesting way to aquire this key. This key could be broken up into multiple fragments that you aquire from bosses other than customs. The king  black Dragon could drop shard 1 and barrelchest could drop shard 2. Phoenix could drop shard 3 etc. As for tier 1 bosses, make them require 90 slayer to access.  And as far as the barrows minigame goes, I believe if you added the possibility of obtaining clue scroll armors from the barrows chest, say third age kiteshield or gold trimmed dragon armor, Saradomin god rune armor, etc it might spark up interest in people actually doing this minigame. Of course if you're going to put this kind of loot into the barrows chest you should make the barrows Brothers harder I remember Verac can hit through prayer Maybe the verac brother that you fight could actually hit through your prayer and do a substantial amount of damage making it more difficult to defeat him, and ahrims could drain stats and temporarily freeze you or something.  As for skilling, only reason people level is for the 99 and to be maxed, and highscores.  I don't think I've ever seen any Skilling resources being bought or sold like coal fish logs etc. Im not entirely sure  how you guys are supposed to change that other than try to get people interested in prestiging a skill.  as it stands right now I know that you can acquire brawling gloves and even full santa from prestige.  Perhaps if  more rewards were added such as Santa hat, the Halloween masks, chicken costume, etc, I don't know. As for pvp and pking,  we really don't have enough people for a vibrant pking scene so hold off on that. I  hear several people say that money doesn't matter to them they would rather have items or things that they don't have yet. and just like pvm gear is best for combat and Max hits, what if we had skilling gear? Or skilling points? Cutting logs or mining coal fishing sharks etc,  could give you Skilling points which you could exchange  with an NPC at home for an experience lamp or skilling tools such as Dragon axe Dragon pickaxe cooking gauntlets gauntlets of goldsmithing, rogue armor  (which is a thieving outfit  and when you have the full set it gives you about a 15% XP boost as well as a 50% chance to double your loot from thieving). Also,  I have a way to make dungeoneering a little more interesting.   I remember on original RuneScape dungeoneering rooms required keys.  I've already seen that the dungeoneering we have is in a room to room layout. what if one of the rooms leading up to the boss required a  certain kind of key that must be crafted. let's say this key is a wooden key made up of three different kinds of wood. Each  room would have Vines growing on the exit door.  room one could have poison ivy,  room 2 could have karamja jungle vines,  and room 3 could have  another type of Vine that you have to have  75 woodcutting  to chop these Vines down  as well as 50 crafting to combine the wood from these vines into the wooden key needed.  I think locking the dungeoneering rooms behind Skilling requirements would make it a lot more interesting. And we need a wider variety of bosses the only two bosses I've seen in dungeoneering is the Phoenix and this magical Insect kind of boss. If I'm not mistaken I remember im original dungeoneering there was this kind of ice rat boss and he had two piles of food and what made him so difficult was you had to have two people stand in front of the food to keep him from eating because if he ate he could regenerate his health which made him much more difficult to defeat and so you had to have two people stand in front of his food to prevent him from eating and regenerating while attacking him at the same time and he also had the ability to shoot these  ice spikes at you which froze you in place kind of like ice barrage. Be neat to see him added that would be one hell of a challenge.  an original dungeoneering had puzzles too.  now I know it would probably be hard for the devs to aquire the coding for this, so I suggest using clue scroll puzzles instead.  maybe in order to access a certain area you fight NPCs that drops a hint possibly an anagram or a cryptic message that you have to decipher that gives the location of hidden loot or the location of the key fragment etc.  I have actually done quite a bit of Clues on regular RuneScape and there are several websites and the RuneScape Wiki with the clue scroll information if you guys are interested in making clue puzzles. 
    • And unlimited use of yell without yell tickets? seems that way.  
    • What all can you get from legendary boxes? I've only ever opened mystery boxes and I think so far the best item I've ever got from a mystery box is a rune gold trim full helmet. Has anyone gotten a Saradomin plate or god rune items? I'm starting to doubt that the God version of the Rune armors are even in the game I have yet to see anybody with full Saradomin, Guthix, or Zamorak rune armors. I saw Zack with third age and I have a gold trim rune kite Shield but I haven't seen gold trim black nor gold trim adamant and I have not seen the regular blue trimmed Rune either. Best of luck.  Anymore the only thing I use my vote points on is mystery boxes since I already have several sets of all the other vote point items
    • My only question is, how is the max hit determined with these armors? I have full Dragonslayer and use Abby Vine Whip with DFS, Beserker ring imbued, Steadfast boots, Bandos gloves, Fury ammy and Fire cape and I currently max out at 118. I'm curious as to whether the armor somehow triples your max hit aside from the set bonus, or adds a certain amount of damage to your max hit? (say if you hit 40s outside of the set and the set adds 75 to your max then your new max hit is 115 with the set) not sure how this is determined if anyone knows I would sure appreciate if this was explained. 
    • Thanks, Caviel.

      We haven't updated any of our listings yet, which we shall get to soon!